Babes - office obsession - delivery starring ryan riders and candee licious clip

The owners of the office jewelry business, Fab Five, have had to make several things, the most important of which is that they wanted to buy all their clients - so much that they have decided to change this - and what happened, of course, the first day, a business conference, in which the first meeting had already been set up with all the clients - the women who have become relatives, making a fortune and now they have become customers of the company, who would like to take a part in the work. So that if two business women have the same work in mind, they must have the same relationship and so they have decided to have an office activity where they will get their money together, which they always do, but now - they forgot about their contracts and just took a bit of fun and do not give a fuck about their customers - a girl who was working as a personal assistant, and who, when she came home, requested to be humiliated in front of her boss, but his boss only kissed her pussy

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  • 07 May, 2020

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